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The fastet FreeMod OpenCart in the North, South, East & West

Soon available - installed for free to selected OC v.1.5.5 + Users
Enhanced OpenShop Administration + MaxD's VqMod-Pro v.2.61
99 VqMods active, OC-2 Bootstrap3 Theme, PHP Version 7.1.16

Matching OC-2+ type Bootstrap3 Theme Layouts can be seen here: http://www.opencart.li

Open Source Technology is used in all of Ernie's OpenCart Releases. OpenCart V-Pro is fully based on OpenCart v. Source, PEKU's V2-Theme Source Adaptions and free OC2 Theme Styles.

No commercial Extensions or illegally obtained copyrighted Source is used. In Contrary to famous Peku's OpenCart Edge, equipped with and for OcMod Extensions only by default, my OpenCart V-Pro and LITE v. Versions are built to make exclusive use of the popular VqMod Extensions, by Use of MaxD's famous VqMod Pro, the upmost efficient OC v.1.5.6.x VqMod Engine ever built!

Be aware, already existing Theme-related OC v.1.5.6.x VqMods in your Shop might NOT function without minor changes !

Why am I doing this ?
Well, I am NOT a Coder, just a Freak, so I have to rely on proven Software. And for some Reason, OpenCart has managed to be the most reliable Code yet, when it comes to Stability and Security. And it's ability to use PHP v.7.1.xx Code will enable my OC v. based Versions, to be usable for a few more Years, without compromising overall Security. Just about enough time, to wait, until another, later OC Version will ever again at least match it's Quality. And for this, I worked hard, to make my OpenCart Editions look and work like latest OC-Versions, but by use of the upmost stable OC Engine ever designed so far, and equipped with just about all important Administration Tools, based on MaxD's famous OpenShop Idea!

OpenCart 1.5.x Users with some OC Code Knowledge could act similarely, and so avoid a lot of Problems, trying to get a new Shop Design, as planned. And, if so, one now has a fine Alternative, instead of playing Prototype Tester again and again. It's looking like the latest Versions OC, but powered in the old traditional way. This, by use of the familiar OC Administration Style, but also combined with the most famous enhanced OpenShop Extensions. In addition, a nice range of freely available OC-2 type Bootstrap-3 Theme Styles will enable one to create a modern and highly efficient Design.

Just a few days ago, one of the very few 10K+ Posting OC Forum Participants, obviously familiar with the OC v.2.+ Versions, claimed, that not one of them could really be called 'stable'. It should be taxed as warning for those, always believing in latest is better... , regardless of the proven Fact, that this is just not the case ! frown

But it's not really great News for total OC-Newbies, please be aware of this, I can and will NOT do your Work, to get you rich and famous, for nothing but the fun of it. If you don't know VqMod, and other minor things about OC v.1.5.x Software, better keep your hands off, or use a Stock Software first, to get an idea.

1. You run an active OC v.1.5.x Shop Site, and the URL is registered to your Name.
2. You use an official Site-Name-related eMail Account, and you have a real Address.
3. You do NOT plan, to resell this Software, and/or Parts of it, to third party Individuals.
4. Your Online Shop is NOT involved in any illegal Actions, or offering illegal Products.
5. Software MUST be placed in a Subdirectory, if you use Software like Wordpress e.t.c.
6. The OC Installation will be made in a TEST Directory, to keep your working Shop alive.
7. No further Support can be expected, if existing Software is manipulated or changed.
8. No free Custom Work can be expected from my Side, when it comes to further changes.
9. I will take no responsability or claim liability whatsoever, since it all comes for free!

If you can live with all this, just send me a Mail... wink  ernst - at - jacob.ch


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Skull processors recognized cranial

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Paths simul magna intricacies

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Fr. 462.00

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Capable appetere help

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Fr. 188.00

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